Virtual Bootcamp Classes

Virtual Bootcamp Classes

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The Corona virus has caused a lot of changes in our daily routine. Unfortunately, we have not been able to offer training services to our clients for the past few weeks.  As a result, we are now offering this monthly virtual Bootcamp series!

  • Free for current clients (ACTIVE contracts only)  
  • $2 per class for Non-clients (Paid in full)


Start/End dates

March 30 - April 30 (participants must join by 4/5/20 for this months classes)

Participants will receive:

  • Access to 40 virtual classes !
  • Daily coaching/nutritional support
  • 50% Off Meal Plans ($20!!!!) 
  • 25% Off May Transformation Challenge

Class Schedule

Days: Monday - Thursday


 Morning BOOTCAMP 11 A - 11:45 P

Evening BOOTCAMP 6 P - 6:45 P



Thank you for choosing us to guide and motivate you through these hard times!  We must remain safe and make smart decisions to prevent spreading this deadly virus!  Supporting us through this hard time means everything and we can't thank you enough!





Disclaimer: In the event that the pandemic status has changed and we are required go back to a normal lifestyle, PushU owners will accommodate and offer the remaining classes on a new schedule.